Book Review: When We Were on Fire

cover of addie Zierman book
When We Were on Fire
A Memoir of Consuming Faith
By Addie Zierman

About the Book

In a strange, us-versus them world of the 90's Christian subculture your faith was measured by how many WWJD bracelets you wore and whether or not you'd "kissed dating goodbye". Evangelical poster child Addie Zierman wore three WWJD bracelets, led two Bible studies, and listened exclusively to Christian rock. She was "on fire for God" unaware that the flame of her faith was dwindling until it burned out entirely. 

With candor and transparency, Addie chronicles her journey through church culture first love, and her entrance - unprepared and angry - into marriage. When she washes out of church and nearly her marriage on a sea of tequila and depression she isn't sure she'll ever go back. 

When We Were on Fire is a funny heartbreaking story of untangling oneself from cliche in search of a faith worth embracing. Its a story for anyone who has ever felt alone in a crowded church. From cynic. The doubter. The former Jesus freak struggling with the complexity of life.

Its a story about the slow work of returning to love, Jesus, and perhaps the roughest of all his imperfect followers. And in the end, its about what lasts when nothing else seems worth keeping. 

About the Author

Addie Zierman is a writer blogger and recovering Jesus freak. She studied creative nonfiction at Hamline University and recieved her MFA there in 2010. Addie blogs regularly at where she's working on redefining her faith on cliche at a time. She lives in Minneapolish with her husband, Andrew and their sons.

My thoughts

Reading though When We Were on Fire is refreshing. So many times you hear that to be a good Christian you have to follow this rule, and then that one, and then the next. But you still aren't good enough because you can never do enough. When We Were on Fire goes through all of the very fundamentalist Christian things that she did and how they really weren't that great for her. A great companion book for this memoir about past christian faith, and regaining it would be True Love Dates or Treasures in the Darkness
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