Book Review: Unraveling, End of a Christian Marriage

book by elisabeth klein corcoran
Hanging onto faith through the end of a Christian marriage
by Elisabeth Klein Corcoran

God, I am precious and honored in your sight. You love me no matter what. Repeat this as often as necessary. To be a separated or divorced Christian is to be an anomaly, a scandal. No one knows hat box to put you in or what to do with you, and this no-man's land -pun intended - can be an isolating and core - shaking place to dwell.

Elisabeth Klein Corcoran knows from experience. After extensive counseling, mentoring, twelve step groups, many tears and even more prayers, Elisabeth found her sixteen year marriage ending in divorce. Drawing from her own sea of emotions and questions, she now provides readers with vulnerable and hopeful mini chapters that candidly discuss some of the most common struggles of divorce: anger, faith, guilt, loneliness and more. What began as her own record of a process has turned into a calling and ministry to soothe broken hearts with stories, prayer, action steps and scripture readings helping readers hold onto profound faith and reassurance in the one love that will never die.

Elisabeth Klein Corcoran is a writer, speaker, and women's ministry leader with a heart for social justice. She began and led the AIDS Task Force at her church and has served on the Executive Board of Directors and as the leader of the Faith Initiative of Open Door Clinic in Elgin Illinios. A frequent speaker at MOPS conferences, Hearts at Home and churches across the country she has also led mission trips worldwide with Samaritan's Purse.

From what I know about the Bible, there is nothing wrong with divorce. The problem in the remarriage after that. So, its a little surprising that this author had so much trouble, from other people with her divorce. She talks, very openly about divorce, how it hurt her and that she tried everything. For anyone who is going through or gone through a divorce, Christian or not, this would be a good book to look at. Also consider The Fantasy Fallacy, Christian Perspective on 50 Shades of Grey and When We Were on Fire for those of you with a little more hope. 
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