Book Review: Rest not in Peace

book by Mel Starr
Rest not in Peace
The chronicles of Hugh de Singleton
by Mel Starr

"Is there a reason to suspect evil in this?' I asked. "None... but that man was robust one day and a corpse the next" Master Hugh surgeon and bailiff has been asked to provide a sleeping potion for Sir Henry Burley a friend and guest of Lord Gilbert at Bampton Castle, near Oxford.

Three days before St. John's Day in the year of our Lord 1368, Sir Henry went to his bed hale and hearty after enjoying a long evening of music, conversation, and dancing in Bampton Castle's hall. The next morning his valet found him cold and dead. Master Hugh is asked by Lord Gilbert to determine the cause of death despite shrill accusations from Sir Henry's grieving widow. 

Mel Starr has spent many years teaching history and has studied medieval surgery and medieval English. He lives in Michigan. The chronicles of Hugh de Singleton begin with The Unquiet Bones.

I've read a few english historical books, like For Love or Loyalty but this is so different than those. For one Rest not in Peace is set much earlier, in Middle evil times. The other big difference about this Mel Starr book is that its not a romance, like The Dawn of Christmas and quite a few other books I review. Through the whole book you're wondering who did it, and what's going to happen. Pretty tricky stuff. If you liked Dead Men Kill, you'll love reading this book.
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