Book Review: For Love or Loyalty

Book by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
For Love or Loyalty
By Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Can the stirrings of his heart foil his ruthless plan? Malcolm MacGregor wants revenge. After the rival Campbell clan sells his mother into indentured servitude, he devises a scheme to free her - swap his mother for Lauren the innocent Campbell daughter. Seeking peace between their families, kind-hearted Lauren agrees to help but doesn't realize the sacrifice she'll have to make. WHen the truth is revealed that she is the bargaining price to free Malcolm's mother, it's too late. 

They are on a ship bound for America, and Lauren fears their arrival will forever doom her to a fate worse than death. While Lauren clings to her faith her only comfort the same faith begins to make Malcolm question what it is that he's done but can he save them both? If he has to choose, will Malcolm fight for love - or loyalty?

Jennifer Hdson Taylor is an award-winning author of historical inspirational fiction and a speaker on faith writing and publishing. Her work has appeared in several national publications and she also serves as the in house publicist for Hartline Literary Agency.

Going into the book, you might think this is going to be another sappy English romance, like a Jane Austin book written by a modern day author. However, you soon realize no one is perfect in this romance, and there is a subtext of Christian values and doing what's right. If you liked Rules of Murder Julianna Deering  or The Governess of Highland Hall, you'll love reading this tragedy turned romance in colonial times. 
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