Book Review: Blessings for the Evening

Finding Peace in God's Presence book review
Blessings for the Evening
Finding Peace in God's Presence
By Susie Larson

Be Blessed Tonight. Feel the concerns of your day fade away through the reassuring promises of God. These blessings, offer refreshment to your soul and a biblical perspective to your thoughts. Borne from Susie Larson's own bouts with nighttime worries, each blessing and related Scripture is a daily, soothing reminder of God's love and mercy. "May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace." 

Susie Larson is a popular radio show host, national speaker, and author who is known for her biblical teaching, and passion to see people strengthened in their faith.

There are a lot of self help prayer books out there, but even from looking at the cover you can tell the Blessings for the Evening is a little bit different. The cover is a hard back, but its padded a bit, to give it a much softer feel (a less extreme version of the children's book Bible and Prayers)  that is perfect for late night reading. 

This book is meant to help you ease your worries through prayer, and gives a guide to do that, although you may have already read a book on how to pray like Straight Answers to 21 Questions about Prayer Blessings for the Evening would still be a great book to read. Especially if you're someone like me and try to plan out your whole life before bed. I'd also recommend this book if you liked a Woman's guide to hearing God's voice
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