Big Hair's Hair Styles

Since I've been only doing my school work today, a huge assignment over CNN and the whole Miley Cyrus thing, and on a side note, finding the CNN mission statement was almost impossible, so I didn't do anything today other than sit at home in my pajamas and type. This is going even worse than my About me paper. I did though talk to my boyfriend a little, and although he doesn't know about this post yet we did joke about him doing a biweekly guest post about whatever it is he does, so I'd like to think of this as the start. 

1. The Big Hair with his hair tied up in a pony tail with one of my hair ties. This is from when we went swimming in the fungus pool where I posted a similar picture. Its before he went to get his hair cut, which grows quite quickly, much faster than mine which is quite upsetting  and I decided to that I should just make it look awesome. He however was not impressed with it. 

2. This isn't a particularly good picture of him, not that I think he looks bad or anything, but its about how his hair and beard look on most days. I used to hate that beard thing in high school like so much, but its growing (haha) on me. Here he's also wearing a grey shirt, and I love grey shirts so I can't complain too much. 

3. Big Hair with his bangs all pulled to the front, plus he's making some sort of dumb face. I guess he's supposed to look like some guy Floyd maybe from Dumb and Dumber, I'm not really sure because I've never seen it. That's just what he said. 

4. A really old picture of my boyfriend eating a cookie. This was the picture I used for the card as a part of my boyfriend birthday presents. He wasn't all that thrilled with the picture, but I figured the worse it was, the better. And he liked the rest of his presents so I figured adding one for me wasn't so bad!
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