Best Fashion Sunglasses to Wear

hanna lei sunglasses
I didn't really do all that much today, so I figured I could do a short guide post on what kind of sunglasses to wear. This summer alone, I think I doubled my sunnies collection, and wore them almost everyday, both driving and around the town. I did this collage of my three favorite pairs of fashion sunglasses that are quite different to go over the pros and cons for you.

First up are my Bohemian Floral Sunglasses. If you're looking for a fun hipster or girly look, the floral print on these sunglasses is going to be perfect for you. These aren't the highest protection sunglasses, so if you're worried about getting wrinkles around your eyes you might want to go bigger. Another reason to skip these is if you have a larger nose, because it will show. There is a really good thing about these Bohemian print glasses though, and its that you can see your eyebrows almost completely with them on.

My fashion heart sunglasses are probably the most trendy pair I own. Really a pair that you have to plan your outfit around. I'd go with a very simple outfit that way your sunnies can be the center of attention. This pair was quite a bit bigger than I expected and covers all of my eye and the sensitive skin areas around it very well. The only bad thing is that this pair might be too risky for some wearers. 

The last pair I have to show you might be my favorite, and they are my oversized white sunglasses. These glasses are so huge that they'll cover a large amount of your face. Perfect for when you end up becoming a celebrity. This large sunglasses also work well for those people with the larger nose type. I do have one caution though, these sunglasses may not look great on everyone. Take a look at big hair in them.

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