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My school day wasn't nearly as fun as when I built a tower out of pipe cleaners, but it wasn't all that bad either. Really just an average day in the life of Hanna. I went to school, did school work, and came home to do more school work. To be honest I'm starting to get a little stressed out by all the school work that I have to do as well as tests that are coming up, but that I think is another blog post for another time. 

Starting out my day I did the normal routine, get up get dressed, brush my teeth, rounded up my things and headed out the door.  I save a little bit of time by not showering with suds in the morning but at night instead, actually this saves me a whole lot of time. Then I say goodbye to my mom and drive out of my neighborhood. About half of the time I ended up getting behind the bus, and am forced to wait until all the kids get on, lucky for me this didn't happen today. I did run into another bus though at the end of my drive, a bus that stopped to pick up a kid right off of the highway. Doing this blocked all the lanes due to that stop sign, and made a huge traffics stop. For some reason this really annoyed me.

During my first class, where the teacher always seems to let us out fifteen early at the least. Today it was twenty five minutes earlier, but he gave us yet another quiz for things that we were supposed to learn. This quiz wasn't quite like the others though, because it was over older material, some of which I'm sure he didn't even cover. Actually when I was first passed the test, I wasn't even sure if it was the right one.  Then, after class I went to take a nap.

I've talked about during school car naps before, but today I took the first one of the semester. Until recently its been too hot to do, and I hadn't even planned on taking one today, but I couldn't help myself the math I was working on was kind of boring. After about an hour though, I woke up, went to sit down somewhere to finish up my math work. 

Then I headed to my next class where at first the teacher seemed to be rather picky and annoying but it wasn't too bad because I knew everything that was going on in the lesson. He did run over time though, and I was more than happy to get home, even though that meant working on more of my Miley Cyrus CNN essay. At least today I had enough time to make a real post instead of one about Big Hair's Hair Style Photos.
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