Are my eyes that Gross?

Girl with Graves disease
It seemed like any other normal day at school. I had a hard time getting up and getting ready, then rushed to still get there at my normal time, and hour before class. I tried to study a little for my psychology class coming up, but since it was super boring, I instead played my hair salon 2 app and looked at some of my other class work.

I then went into class 30 minutes before nine (nine is when the class starts), and was surprised to see there were two other people in the classroom already.  I played around a little more, then about ten minutes late my teacher walked into class. Today we were to learn about the endocrine system. I listened through the whole lecture and then we got to diseases where the professor mentioned mine.

He said that it has this really gross trait of making the eyes big. Are my eyes gross? This is the first time I've ever heard anyone saying they were gross, sometimes people mention how big they are, especially when I wear my uniqso circle lenses , no one has even said they were ugly. Not even with blog hate comments. Most of my blog comments, that are mean, attack my personality more than my looks. 

Honestly I've had so many more people both in person and on the internets tell my that they like my big eyes, or that they're pretty, so I was really surprised  when this professor, a psychologist who would know about  said they were gross. Too surprised to call him out on it and tell me personally that my eyes are disgusting.

 This is the first time I've ever been looked down on for my disease, even if it wasn't meant to be personal. It really didn't feel nice at all. It did give me a new perspective though, that I wouldn't get otherwise. 
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