Writing about Me isn't Easy

Hanna Marie Lei
When someone asks me about myself, I never know what to say. I usually go with the basics, I'm a freshman in college and... well that's about where I stop. Its such a weird phenomenon. I mean if some one asked me a direct question, like what my favorite color is I could go on for twenty minutes about how sometimes I like grey, but other times I like pink, and sometimes my favorite is purple or green. I could even go on about my favorite number for about as long, but ask me who I am and I freeze up. 

I mean I even write about things like Bohemian Style Outfits, or Floral color sunglasses  and do quite a good job of it, or at least I think so. When I had to write a paper for one of my engineering classes about myself, I didn't know what to do. I mean it even had guidelines on what we could talk about and only one double spaced page was required, but it took me all day to do. I wrote and rewrote the first few sentences, looked online for tips on how to write about yourself, and still I kept staring at my screen. 

While I was "getting ideas" or at least thats what I told myself I was doing I even managed to make two different types of bread, a banana bread and a home made white bread instead of doing my school work that really needed to be done. I then watered some plants and did a few more tasks that weren't all that much fun just trying to put of my paper that only had a few sentences on it. 

Finally though I ended up being able to write out my whole about me paper, as vague as it is. It took me a lot longer then I planed, but I'm glad its over now. You might be thinking I've learned something from this, and the next time I have to write a paper about me I'll do really well, but you'd be wrong. This is the fourth sort of paper that I've had to do this year, and each one is as bad as the next.

I just don't know what to say about me. 
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