What's For Me This Summer Break?

Hanna Marie Lei
I'm not all that great all doing these "personal" (also known as emotional) posts. I try, but then I start to ramble, and am hard to comprehend after about five words. Part of it is a lack of practice, and the other part is that I really am not very good at talking about how I feel, although I'm going to try it out.

You may have noticed my absence the past few days, and that I had fewer posts even before then. That's because I've been busy. Too busy in fact to even take a new photo for this post, this one is from my Grace Star Clothing Review but it is a cute photo so I added it anyways. When I talked about passing my Math Class I really thought that I was going to be able to have a ton of free time, for blogging and a few other hobbies that I have. I mean its my two week break to do with what I want.

Really though it hasn't been "my" break. I feel like every day for these two weeks, its been about someone else, with no time to myself. It started with making freezer pickles and a ton of other cooking things that it seemed my mother thought I had time to do now that I wasn't studying my heart out.  Then came the second trip to Northern Indiana and visiting the Blue Gate Restaurant again. This was ALL day, not to mention that I had to get everything ready the night before. Then I spent the last few days at my Grandparents working on a project and really just helping them out. Another responsibility. 

Last I went to a cave. This was has actually been the highlight of my vacation, although there still hasn't been any Hanna relaxation/blogging time. I only have two days of this, and about 200 photos so we'll see how much I can get together. Not enough I'm sure. I've been too busy doing for everyone else. 
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