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So What exactly is Vividly Co?

Sisters Silvia and Sabrina Scandar founded Vividly to foster creativity and promote self-expression through clothing. Vividly provides artists with a new way to share their art, and consumers with the chance to wear and share art they love. We are going beyond t-shirts and tote bags to create classic pieces that can be worked seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe. Vividly is based in San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL.

Vividly partners with visual artists to create limited edition garments that incorporate original artwork. The result is a clothing line that lets you express your passion, vivacity, and love of art. At, you can choose from over 100 printed silk tops and scarves, or create your own.
Every Vividly piece is made in the USA, using high quality fabrics that are a pleasure to wear. Each simple silhouette tells a story or conveys an emotion -- just what you’d expect from the ultimate statement pieces.

Everything available on their online web shop is amazing to look at. The printed silk scarfs are an amazing statement piece created by independent artists, ranging in price from $62. Once of these scarfs would turn your casual jeans outfit, into a classy jeans outfit. There is also a huge variety of print tank tops that are silk fronted and have a bamboo back. Although they are all the same shape, with all the different art of the front, you can never have enough. Starting at $78, and perfect for Middle School wear, High school wear, and even office wear.  The potential for stylish outfits is endless. 

Now there's one more cool thing I haven't mentioned about yet. If you don't see something you love, you can make it! Just use any type of visual art, be it textile, graphic designs or street art, and have it made. You'll even get a 10% royalty for you designs. So go and get yourself a new top or scarf, and maybe even make your own at With the code BBREADER2901, you'll even get 20% off.
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