Too many Goals for a Freshman

Hanna Marie Lei
There are so many things that I want to do, things that I want to accomplish, things that I want to have in my life.  Some of these things are going to mean a lot of focus and hard work, I mean a lot. So much so that it wouldn't be surprising if I get too overwhelmed to do it, I mean I'm on the right path, but its quite a long one.  Other goals of mince have about a half work and half luck ratio. I mean I can work really really hard and not get them, but I could also only work a little and get them due to luck. Then there are my most stressful ones, the ones that I have the least control over. Its not like they're goals that I can just sit at  home and hope about, like winning the lottery, but for these goals there are so many factors that I have no way of controlling that they seem impossible. 

The first goals that I mentioned, the ones that require a lot of hard work (and still a little luck). These all have to do with school, and a tad bit with a future career, but there is so much work required. Some of this is because I love learning like I mentioned in a previous post and I just want to have degrees and minors and certificates in everything, and some of it is because I like to push too far. I want to much. I want to get the perfect job where I can do everything, and be everything.

Then there are those seemingly impossible goals. The kind that are as much about being in the right place at the right time, as actually having talent or working hard. These goals are so unrealistic that I won't even allude to what they are. Although as of this year (my goals are always evolving though) I am at least one step in the right direction. Maybe I'll feel confident enough to blog about them sometimes, although I did do a hint towards it when I talked about the benefits of being on reality shows.

Then there are the half hard work and half luck goals that I have. These consist of things like having a (very) nice house, and a few other material things. You can see my Tiffany's wish list, My Chanel Dreams, and Mac Dreams to see how extravagant these kind of material things can be. There are other things too that are half hard work and half luck that I want. Most of these consist of different experiences that I want to have. 

I'm a little sorry that all of my goals, dreams, and hopes are so vague. I really do get a little embarrassed by talking about what I want because I know that people will think that I'm too out there. Worse yet, if I don't accomplish the goals there would be evidence that I failed. In the near future even with these apprehensions I do plan on doing a more in depth look at my goals, at least the ones that are mostly hard work.
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