These Aren't my Freckles

Hanna Marie Lei
My day today didn't really consist of doing anything. I was supposed to study, and I did a little, but I got absorbed into internet things. I think though this was just a one day thing and its not like I even played any games, so I doubt this is going to turn into something like my farmville addiction. I'm really not very happy with the lack of anything I did today, because even if it wasn't studying I wish I would have a least done something useful!

Honestly I shouldn't be too hard on myself, becauseI did do a little bit. I signed up for two one-day classes that are just for fun, a calligraphy class, and one on making fall decorations. The reason I signed up is because they're free (who can say no to that), and that fall decoration class, will be something that I can blog about, like when I made my DIY Cat shaped dog toy. Really though, the main reason I wanted to take these classes, is because I like to learn. 

According to a firm source (AKA my boyfriend) this is what makes me deep. Loving to learn though can be such a problem. Deciding on my major and even my classes isn't easy. There are so many things in life that I want to learn about that I can't decide on one thing. Just looking at all the minors that I could get and looking at the classes for next semester was so much fun, because I love planning too. My school even has quite a few certificates that I could get.

In case you haven't guessed, I still have no idea what I want my major to be. I'll probably be there for five years trying to get a degree, and by that time (because I'll also be taking summer classes) I'll have three majors. I am though starting to get an idea of what I really want to do as a career, and not my blogging dream, although its a long time off. 

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