Texts: That whole Hotel Pool thing

         Big Hair
I am a ready!
Hanna Lei:
         Ahhhhhhhhh I just got up :( you can come, if you wanna watch me get ready.
Big Hair:
         Would you like me to? Haha
Hanna Lei:
         Sure thing BB.
Big Hair:
         On my way ;-)
Hanna Lei:
         Home baby I'm ready whenever you are!
Big Hair:
         Haha I'll leave in five minutes then :-)
Hanna Lei:
         Okay dear
Big Hair:
         On my way, hon.
         You around, Hot Gurl?
Hanna Lei:
Big Hair:
         I couldn't find you!
Hanna Lei:
         I'm going there now.
         Mister Conner! I had fun with you today.
Big Hair:
         Yay!!! I love you, student.
Hanna Lei:
         Ah you can't say that! You'll get fired :(

Haha I was just using the whole sitting alone in a hotel thing as a ploy to get you to do stuff for me. I didn't actually mind it! (This was the West Baden Hotel where I was kicked out of the pool area)
Big Hair:
         I don't care. I'm that into you.

Well, good! I'll do anything for my Hanna. Honestly, that was a bitchy thing to do. Thanks for not being mad :-)
         On Her end, I mean.
Hanna Lei:
         Yay! That's a good thing,

Anything? ;)

It was really odd. I mean if it bothered her she could have said something early on. Too bad you might have to work with her in the future, Hanna Lei could fix her wagon.
Big Hair:
         Anything. 👆

Well, I think you're right with the whole power-trip/denial thing. Hanna Lei is still going to say some things, but without a name. It's probably a safer approach.
Hanna Lei:
         Well. I'd like to move into your room.

Yeah. I mean it's not like she did anything that bad, and it'd have her name and work place. I feel like some crazy Hanna defender might try to do something.

Plus sitting in the air-con wasn't bad at all.
Big Hair:
         You'd be so damn hot! In two ways now ;-)

Haha You did talk about those crazy fans today, so I can see it. I wouldn't want to see her dead.

Yeah, plus it's a pretty nice hotel, I guess.

I saw your post about my sister ;-) (About going into my dream girl's room)
Hanna Lei:
         No! The one at your parents house. It's so cozy I'd never leave bed.

Haha I wouldn't go that far, although I'm sure she’d get a few calls.

I dunno about the decorations, but I love the building itself.

What did you think?
Big Hair:
         Oh, I know! It's such a great bed. It's a little more cozy than your room :-)

Yeah. At least we know she'd be Facebooking the pictures, so she'd definitely pick up.

Well, it is in southern Indiana, so we can't expect too much.

It was hilarious. Especially the #lesbianlove tag haha
Hanna Lei:
         My room is very sterile looking. When you buy barn, your mother is in charge of decorating the bedroom. I think I like the sterile look elsewhere.

Agh. I imagine my crazy male fans to be like that guy at the pool.

Haha I couldn't help myself.
Big Hair:
         Alright then. She's a good decorator.

That was so weird. I even caught him looking at you.

Very well-written.

I'm so tired, miss Lei. I'm afraid Mr. Hair needs to sleep. I love you, and thank you for dealing with me today! Good night!
Hanna Lei:
         Housewife skillz.

You missed the part where he totally moved his whole neck to see me better :/


I love "dealing with you" Haha goodnight Big Hair,
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