Texts: I can be Hispanic, The ONION

Big Hair:
         Guess who showed me that a few weeks back? Your dream girl ;-)
Hanna Lei:
         Ahhhhh. I found it for my report that I only have a paragraph of so far :/ (This was for my Miley Cyrus CNN Paper)
Big Hair:
         I want to read it!
Hanna Lei:
         But I only have a paragraph. I need 3-4 pages.

But now the Miley Cyrus dancing is understandable :(
Big Hair:
         Whoa! That's a lot.

Well, that's why I don't understand why they single her out as being so awful, when Robin Thicke released that music video. and pop music are merging!
Hanna Lei:
         I know. There isn't that much do say about it. CNN aired it for page view$.

I hope this means Christiana Aguilera is going to start doing those kind of videos now ❤❤❤❤❤
Big Hair:
         And a CNN employee wrote an article explaining they only posted it for views!

Isn't she a little older now? You should've wished for that ten years ago!

Excited for Friday?! (When my dream girl got engaged)
Hanna Lei:
         On Onion. That's a fake silly. Onion is a satire.

F you. She's still the hottest curvy lady ever. Plus she's a natural blond, meaning I'm going to start playing the Hispanic card.

No 😭
Big Hair:
         I know the Onion is a satire, but the article was written by an editor at CNN. It wouldn't matter either way, because the article is still correct.

She's not fully Hispanic, plus, you actually have to BE Hispanic to say you're Hispanic. Lei? Really?

Why not? It'll be a fun night. You'll overcome your depression and be set free!
Hanna Lei:
         Boy. Hanna Lei knows about these things. On twitter she said it wasn't her. Plus they Had an article by Assad. 😓 she would lose he job for name calling readers like that.

Half is as good as full! And so!? My last name is the made up kind due to bigots in the United States.

I think she'll reject him. I mean, she has options.
Big Hair:
         I should probably start listening to you. I don't read the Onion much, so I'm not too hip with the way things work.

Sure, but you're not even half. Plus, Mexicans don't change their last names due to immigration, so suck it.

Options? Such as?
Hanna Lei:
         Me either! That was the first time I had heard of them. Don't feel bad big hair.

I'll pretend I'm half on Manuela's side of the family. My real name is Llesenia. I go by Lei.

         Actually I was named after my grandfather Lisandro.
Big Hair:
         I feel bad.

Except your entire family is nothing but whities. Maybe I'll name my son Jacques, and that will make him French.

You? Can you provide for her? I doubt it!
Hanna Lei:
         Clearly, they did what they wanted for page view$ as well.

So?! If you're SPANISH from Spain living in the US they consider you Hispanic. Time to start cashing in on affirmative action.

He can't provide either!
Big Hair:
         Very true.

What else would they put? 

Maybe not to my sister's high standards, but I think he's raking in a little more than Lisandro.
Hanna Lei:
         Have you ever seen someone from Spain? Italians are much darker and considered European. No. My grandparents pretended to be white because of the Nazis.

Yayay! she'll say noooooooooo. He's a ho bag with no brains. I on the other hand have potential to make monies.
Big Hair:
         Well, maybe it's just because of the language then. Americans aren't known for their cultural awareness. Ugh.. Maybe I won't win this argument.

I doubt it. She's definitely all for it. I think you give my sister credit for being this intellectual pragmatist or something. Not the case. Oh yeah? Doing what?
Hanna Lei:
         for examples see Spanish prime minister and Spanish royal family. And I know! I'm on a roll today #winning and since when do Germans speak english?

She can't help it. She has too much hair to think for very long. Her head gets over heated.

Engineering! Didn't you read Hanna's post last night? My group one a tower building contest. And I did most of the work boi! 
Big Hair:
         Well, I'm just a dumb boy :-( Hash tags in our texting is Hanna coming to life!

Yeah, so I'm not sure you'd be able to handle her antics, so you're a smarty. You'd have to her constantly to dealz.

I did, yeah, but I couldn't read the whole thing, since I had a class. I thought I suggested you become an engineer so we wouldn't need barn anymore!
Hanna Lei:
         Haha. It's okay! You can be the pretty one who wants to grow up to be a performer.

She doesn't have antics. My Dream Girl is perfect in every single way. Words can't bring her down. But I would like lots of that.

I was so proud of myself! I know... But it's a lot of work. With all the required math classes I'd have enough for a minor in mathematics.
Big Hair:
         Well, alright, but I'm the prettiest one around, so no problem.

Grr... She's not very tidy, she's dramatic, she's attention-seeking, etc. (none of which are bad, except that they are bad). She wouldn't  a lady.

Yeah, I figured it would be. If you wanna make money, you have put in the hours, I guess. It's probably good to see what you're talented at though!

Hanna Lei:
         You have to sing!

So I have to put those on my do not do list, for when I'm around the big hair? And I can wear a strap

I have no talents! Except. I think I haveskillz.
Big Hair:
         But I can't sing well. My voice is so boring and weird.

No! I love  Hanna exactly how she is. I meant you wouldn't like those things if I started doing them. Fine, I guess.

Haha Well, I'm not sure there are many job opportunities out there for that skill, even if you're quite good at it! There are only two I can think of.
Hanna Lei:
         Auto tune is magical.

I'd always love a big hair like you. You're the best everrrrrr. I mean woaaah. You're my dream boy.

Two jobs that have a very high demand. Not to mention my favorite called the house wife job.
Big Hair:
         It's not the pitch, actually. It's the sound of my voice when I'm singing. The pitch is fine.

Haha wooaaah. You're my dream girl! I'm just glad you needed to know if I used my car on campus ;-)

Well, I'm sure engineering is a little more steady, but I can't control your life. The housewife job is fine, except then you wouldn't get fancy, expensive things all too often 😪
Hanna Lei:
         Fine. Fine ill be the singer. You be the song writer.

I know right?! It's a good thing you responded! Or I'd be going to IU to stalk you by now!

I'm not Dream Girl! We can just live off if food stamps and such.
Big Hair:
         Deal, I guess. Ever considered vocal lessons?

Yeah, I know! I just couldn't help it anymore. You're the one for me. Getting a text is preferable to seeing you behind a bush one day.

Well, fine. I guess that works. We can collect cans too, if you want.
Hanna Lei:
          you  bag. I don't need some  changing my style.

Really? I assumed you'd like bushes better because that means . I guess I can cross that idea of of my time with big hair plans.

Yeah boi! As long as I get to be with the r boy I don't mind.
Big Hair:
         Let's hope you have a dedicated fan base then. And I ain't a  bag.

Well, I wouldn't mind that, except it wouldn't be considered  unless I lied about it afterwards. So keep it on the list!

Yay! I don't mind either.  the best!

I have to go class it up now! I love you!

Would you like to talk on the phone tonight or tomorrow? :-)
Hanna Lei:
         Yeah! is fun.

And tonight if you don't mind! Have fun I love you too :)
Big Hair:
         Is ten okay? :-)
Hanna Lei:
         Yes master.
Big Hair:
Hanna Lei:
         Are you busy cheating on me right now!?
         Never mind
Big Hair:
         I'm watching The Big Lebowski at Mark's! So no!
Hanna Lei:
         So yes! I knew you were with him.

Ask him again if I can be in the band. Oh, and make sure to add I give lots of road  and am really good.

Bye I Love you!
Big Hair:
         Oh, good lord. Fine!
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