Simon the Cat

Big Hair's cat
 I posted a picture of Simon out in the yard when I wrote about the pool full of fungus , so I figured he deserved his own introductory post. If I had to summarize him in a few words, he really is just a grumpy old man. He belongs to my boyfriend's family (hence the big hair label) but I wouldn't really call him my boyfriend's pet. More like his uncle, or maybe grandfather. He's at least sixteen.

Actually because of his age he is missing almost all of his teeth, only one isn't broken at all now. Lucky for him though he just gets fed wet food so that isn't a big deal. He does have a problem though having to deal with their other cat, who is about two. She's always messing with Simon, and being the old man he is, he doesn't want to take it, so he slaps her. Without claws though it doesn't have the same affect.
Simon playing with a stick
 The only thing Simon isn't an old man about is going outside. He loves it, but since he tries to go into the woods or under the porch, he need a constant sitter. I have a ton of experience babysitting, but this was my first time doing so with a cat.  Since he was so happy about going outside I even got him to play with me. When he had to go back in though, he wasn't nearly has thrilled and honestly mad.

Seeing Simon and my boyfriend's family's cat Indy makes me wish so much that I had my own cat, but my father still says no. Even cute cat pictures don't persuade him.
simon sniffing a hose

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