Review: Smashbox Photo Finish

Foundation Primer Smashbox
I just received a sample of this primer from smashbox that is photo finish. Now this wasn't one of those kind of samples that I get for review on my blog, but an actual sample that anyone could get like my GinZing Moisturizing lotion. This is kind of a big deal, because smashbox, like a lot of well known makeup companies, doesn't just give out samples of their product for people to try out. So you know I had to jump on this offer for Photo Finish Primer by Smashbox, and of course review it.

As far as samples going I can only think of one other product that has as nice of packaging as this Smashbox primer does, Tresemme Split End Remedy. I mean its an exact replica of the full sized Photo Finish product, it has a lot of product and a twist off lid that's easy to use. I also love the black and white combo on the packaging and the fact the bottle isn't plastered with a bunch of Smashbox logos.

Usage. First moisturize skin with a light lotion, then rub into skin a small amount of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and apply makeup. If you're looking for just a little pick me up for your skin you can even skip the makeup step. Going on it does have a slight oder, like other primers I've tried, and ti really does go a long way with just a little primer.

A primer serves  one main function, to set up your face for makeup. This photo finish primer by Smashbox also reduces the look and feel of lines, wrinkles and pores as well as leaving a soft velvet finish to your skin. Unlike the pixi beauty primer this primer is clear meaning it will work well for any skin color.

Overall this Smashbox photo finish primer is a nice addition to for a daily makeup routine. It reduces the look of pores (my big problem) and a lot of other skin issues. Not only that but it leaves the skin feeling so nice, that it works well even without adding foundation over it.
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