Review: Nivea Touch of Happiness

Touch of Happiness Moisturizing Body wash
It seems like in every review of a Nivea product I talk about how much I love the brand, how long I've been using it... but this time I'll spare you, and simply link to the reviews I've done, like Nivea Soft Lotion, Nivea Extended Moisture, Nivea Body Moisture and my longest use product Nivea Creme in a tin. As you can see all of these products are lotions, and really that's all I thought that Nivea did until I actually looked at my bottle of Touch of Happiness moisturizing body wash. Although it isn't the average Nivea product I love this body wash for so many reasons, and continue to use it time after time.

The packaging isn't anything special but, I like it, especially for its home in the shower. Its easy to wipe down if it gets wet and has an outer plastic shell that's easy to grip due to its shape and doesn't seem to get slippery when wet. The lid on the Nivea Touch of Happiness body wash is easy to open and close, and doesn't require much squeezing to get the product out.  The print clearly states what the scent and the product is.

Then when you open it before even pouring it out, the scent hits you. Its an amazing orange blossom scent that I could smell all day long. It is a little strong for those of you that get headaches from heavy smells this may not be the body wash for you. As for everyone else though, enjoy. The scent will last you all day, so if you're not big into perfumes Nivea touch of happiness might be for you.

As for use, this body wash will easily foam without a poof, very well in fact and with a pouf you'll feel like you're taking a bubble bath. The Nivea touch of Happiness has bamboo essence and is amazing at moisturizing my skin. When my legs feel a little dry this shower gel brings them right back to life. I didn't have any residue issues, and this Nivea product comes out pure white like everything else of their's I've tried so there shouldn't be any tinting issues.

I really love this Nivea touch of Happiness moisturizing body wash with orange blossom scent. It smells amazing foams well, and leaves my skin feeling uber soft. I've been using it since my Hawaii trip, and can't believe that I haven't reviewed it until now. Actually I did multiple google searches looking for my review, because I assumed I had shared this amazing body wash already. 

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