Review: NERF Cyber Hoop

hoop for playing basketball
I received this NERF Cyber hoop in the same fashion as the Food Should Taste Good ChipsHappy Money Book and Prevacid 24 HR. In case you didn't read those reviews, I just mean that yes I received this for free, but I wasn't required or requested to do a blog post about it. Actually they don't even know that I am, so this is really a true review, without any worry of upsetting a brand or making a PR agency mad. 

Basically the NERF Cyber Hoop is a modern day mini basketball hoop that comes with a NERF ball to use as the basketball. There are a ton of cool things about it, but there area few that I don't like. I'll start with the good though. For those of us who don't have the right area, or the money to afford a real basketball hoop this can be a fun alternative. You set it up on the door and get started. It makes sound effects, which I guess are okay although I wouldn't use them, and has an app.

One thing I don't like about the app is that it is always trying to get you to share things to social media. For the age that this is marketed to, the users aren't even allowed by company policies to have many social media accounts. It is cool because you can make videos with the app, and it even keeps track of your stats.

My boyfriend seemed to think the fact that it keeps track of stats is especially cool. Actually he was excited by this, which might be a guy thing. Overall I think this is a great new update to the traditional little hoop, and a lot of kids will love it. I'm donating mine to Toys for Tots this winter to help someone who would really love it.
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