Review: Curel Intensive Lotion

lotion intensive healing curel
 I was given a few sample sizes of the Curel Intensive Lotion to try out which works out for me really well, because I've had a big dry skin issue lately. From shaving to too many showers in a day and the sunshine, I'll admit that its my own fault that my skin was kind of failing. So I was really happy to be able to review this Curel Intensive Lotion, not only for you guys, but for myself as well, because I needed to do something. 

This intensive healing lotion by Curel is marked as an advanced ceramide therapy for daily use for extra dry or sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested and approved with a proven formula that's supposed to provide immediate moisture to heal even the driest skin. This lotion doesn't contain fragrance and is hypo allergenic. The packaging states all of these things in an easy to read manner and has an easy to twist lid. Getting the lotion out of the Curel bottle isn't hard, but not as easy as a squeeze top.
what the texture of curel is
For the use simple swipe some of the lotion onto your fingers and rub it into your skin. Going on it is a little sticky, and although it is fragrance free I'd say it has an oder similar to the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture, a very simple lotion smell that shouldn't bother anyone. Rubbing it on, you get a little bit of a while sheen, which goes away pretty quickly. It absorbs quickly and although thick is still rather creamy. Hours after use, my skin felt like I had just applied the Curel Intensive lotion, so you know its going to last a long time.

Overall I really like this lotion, its simple, easy to use and goes into my skin well. Most important though, is that my skin feels so much more moisturized after use. If you like the Nivea Creme tin lotion but want something just slightly thinner, than Curel Intensive repair is for you.

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