Review: Cetaphil Daily Advanced Lotion

Cetaphil daily lotion
When I ordered this free sample of Cetaphil Daily Advanced lotion for dry and sensitive skin I'd already had a lot of experience with Cetaphil products, like the Cetaphil Cleanser the Cetaphil Body Wash and my favorite, the Cetaphil Bar Soap. The Cetaphil brand is a no frill kind of hard working line that really does a lot for your skin. With this Daily Advanced lotion, I noticed a few changes that made me love Cetaphil even more.

Since there isn't much I can say on the packaging, due to this being a sample I'll get started right away on the actual product, lotion. Cetaphil DailyAdvanced Lotion is meant to be ultra hydrating. Its a specially formulated lotion to provide everyday intense moisture to dry sensitive skin. Its no greasy fragrance free and non comedogenic. Best of all no longer is it a worry having it when the sun is out. A great formula change I love.

The lotion is a pure white, and doesn't have even the slightest oder as I mentioned before. The consistency is fairly thin and watery but it goes absorbs well. After use my skin really really did feel quite hydrated, but not bogged down by a heavy cream. Oh and I have a few cuts on my hands and Cetaphil DailyAdvanced lotion didn't bother them in the least, and you can't get any more sensitive than open skin.

I really do like this lotion. It isn't smelly or pretty, but boy does Cetaphil do its job. The lotion moisturizes even my elbows so that their soft, and doesn't bother even my most sensitive skin, and with their formula change, I don't have to worry about wearing Cetaphil Daily Advanced lotion out in the sun.
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