Review: BA Star Deep Plum Star Dust

BA Star Deep Plum Star Dust
 BA Star is the number one performance makeup for cheerleading, and there's no wonder about that. There colors are extremely pigmented and last well, so you can imagine how happy I was to receive a sample of one of their eye shadows, Deep Plum to review. This eye shadow is perfect for anyone who wants to have a stand out look.

The packaging for the BA Star Deep Plum Star Dust is simple and functional. On the top there is the company name surrounded by a five point star. The bottle is circular and small, easy for both storage and carrying around in your purse. The container has a twist off lid that I didn't have any trouble using even with my long nails, and on the bottom is the BA Star name and the color deep plum written again as well as the product ingredients. 

Swatch of Deep Plum Eye Shadow BA Star
Although on the container you can clearly see the deep plum color, until I opened up the jar I had no idea just how amazing the this BA Star, Stardust eyeshadow is. The Deep Plum color looks amazing and there is so much pigment even though I was very stingy with my swatch. All that sparkle too that you couldn't see when Deep Plum was in the container is so vivid on the skin. Every way I turn there is a ton of sparkle.

As for wear, of course being a makeup product marketed for Competition Cheerleading, BA Star is amazing. All day long even with some sweat this Deep Plum Star Dust Eye Shadow hung in there not even loosing a little glitter. Probably the best wear length I've had on an eyeshadow powder.

Overall this BA Star Deep Plum eye shadow is amazing. The color is fantastic, the powder is very pigmented and lasts well, and the added glitter looks great. Its even a perfect match with my current nail obsession Spoiled Battle of the Sexes Nail Lacquer and you can't get any better than that.
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