Review: B-Daman Cross Fire

B Daman marble toys
I have to say that after reviewing the NERF Cyber Hoop and Kre-o cityville invasion  I thought I was an expert in boys toys. When I got this toy though, not for blogging, I was surprised that I had never seen it before. I mean, I've heard of B-Daman but I couldn't remember where. As it turns out they have trading cards, a television show, and of course these games. I never knew any of this.

After carefully looking over all the products as well as watching some of the shows I think I get how you play. I mean, its kind of cool. You have these little characters, I have four of them, and they shoot marbles at each other. You try and knock the other buy over. One set I got was for rapid fire, and it keeps shooting. That would be the spin area. Then I got two exclusive characters and a bigger spin thing.
boy's toys with marbles
Overall I think these toys are super cute, and the idea is cool, but it wouldn't be all that great for me. I mean, I'd just play with them without the story line and hit marbles everywhere. Maybe though a true tv fan would be interested in playing it the real way. 
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