Passed That Math Class

Hanna Marie Lei
Remember a few weeks ago how I talked about  failing my first college class? I was so stressed, so upset, and a little embarrassed that I didn't want to continue going to class. I had done so bad on a test that I thought there was no way I could pass, ever so I didn't want to go to class. Well, there were only to classes left to attend a study day for the final, and then the final itself and with a little encouragement (and a bribe for Olive Garden and a Container Store Haul) I ended up going anyways.

Then I ended up passing, not just passing either, but enough that I can take a fairly high level math class this fall. Which I just did my schedule, that I really should have done earlier because so many classes I wanted, okay like three, were already filled up. Since I'm in my Freshmen year that's fine, but later on when I don't have so many classes I need to take it'd be a problem.

Coming up I have one more test, for a psychology class, and then I have two weeks off. After going to school nonstop this summer, it'll be so nice to have a little break. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of projects like my upcycle dog toy, and actually today even I started working on making a wooden chest.

Even though I know I shouldn't I have a feeling I'm going to be  stressed out, over do it,  in the fall just as much as I did for this summer session I feel like if something comes easy that I'm not doing enough.
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