My Shower Routine includes SUDS

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I have to admit I shower a lot, sometimes more than once a day (yes I know this can dry out my skin). I used to be a huge bath taker when I was younger. I mean who doesn't love a nice bath, warm water, bubbles and a whole lot of relaxation time. The thing is, that I don't really feel like baths are the best way to get clean, I mean you're just sitting in the same water the whole time, and rinsing all the soap away is near impossible. So I'm an official shower taker, except for the occasional bath just for fun.

Since I like to consider this a part time beauty blog, mostly though a lifestyle blog, I've tried out a lot of different products and found a few that I love to use as well as products that I consider necessities. For this shower product overview I was debating if I should split this up into what I do with my hair and what I do with the rest of my body, but I'm not that complicated, so only one post!

First to start out with my routine. I normally take my showers at night, because all the hot water and steam makes me drowsy and I hate taking naps. I don't wash my hair every day, but on every day that that I'm going to school or out anywhere I do wash it, or else it gets too oily.

The first thing I do when I get in the shower is get my hair wet. I switch between using my Jhirmack Silver Plus Shampoo and my Tresemme Moisture Shampoo. Lately its been a little more Tresemme because my hair has been so dry. I always make suds with my shampoo even though I've heard you aren't supposed to do this but I feel so much cleaner with the suds. Then after letting this soak for a few minutes I put on the Tresemme Moisture Conditioner.

While I'm waiting for my conditioner to soak in, I usually wait at least a few minutes, I then start my body cleaning process. I scrub up my Shea butter Softsoap shower gel, with my shower pouf where I always seem to get more than I need and go ahead with my shaving. I'm really not picky with the razors I use, so anyone goes, I have been using the Bic Soleil Savvy because its so convenient to work with. I mean I can grip it well and it has so many blades that even with my poor skills I get most of the hair. Using a suds shower gel really helps me to keep from getting razor burns and from missing a ton of hair.

When I'm about half way done shaving I rinse out the Tresemme conditioner and apply John Frieda Conditioner  that was a part of my hair dye stuff so I did that to help keep my hair a nice color. Then while I'm waiting for this to soak in, I don't make suds with my conditioner by the way, I finish shaving my legs. Then I rinse out the conditioner and towel dry my hair. I used to use a blow dryer, but I've been trying to stay away from heat as much as I can.
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