My Period is making me Tired

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Yesterday I talked about how I didn't really get much done. Well today was the exact same. I slept in until about ten thirty, and struggled through doing any type of studying. I took about a billion food breaks, which I regretted every time after doing it, and did a bunch of other random things, simply to avoid looking at my school work. Then I took a nap. This of course is odd because I went to sleep about midnight so I don't think that I really needed so much rest. I wasn't really tired, just worn out. I didn't mean to, but I did, and I really hate taking day time naps because they mess with my sleep cycle so much.

I have three theories on why I'm so worn out. 1. I didn't get as much sleep as I needed this week, so my body is trying to make up for it. This could be the case because I had a ton of early morning classes but wouldn't go to bed until after one. 2. I'm overwhelmed with school. Its true, I am a little nervous about school, but honestly it isn't that bad, and seriously sleeping won't help me out with doing the work, not that I have all that much to do. 3. My most likely culprit is that I've been on my period for five months, read my Nexplanon review for more information on why, and its taking a toll on my body. It can't be good for me to be constantly bleeding, and some times very heavy. Actually I remember not so long ago I was having to change my Super Plus U by Kotex tampons every three hours.

To try and fix this sleepy Hanna problem I've decided to start taking a multi vitamin. I'm hoping with the extra nutrients I'll be back to normal in no time. I also have made a doctors appointment to have my Nexplanon taken out if my period doesn't lighten up in the next two weeks. Unfortunately that means back to the pill for me.
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