Life Photos: Two cats, Bruse

snapshots of life
I've talked about before how hard these life photos are for me to do. I mean I love sharing "life moments" but I always seem to forget about documenting what I do. I did do all of these photos in a pretty short amount of time though, so maybe I'm improving. First up is a cat at my grandparents house. When I did my latest  food post I talked about the chocolate at my grandparents  and while I was there, I saw this cat. Although she looks very young (and thin) she is at least two years old and does have an owner. I guess that's what a high metabolism does for you.

Those tampons are the same as the U by Kotex click tampons that I've done a review over, but these are regulars, meaning that they haven't served much of a purpose to me. I've forgotten how small they are in comparison to the super plus tampons. Oh and as the box says they did come with free hair ties, which they do, but I lost them.

That bruise is on my leg. In the picture its about impossible to tell if its an arm or a leg due to the fact that I'm kind of becoming a mound of flesh. I mean I'm not fat, but all my body weight is fat. Maybe I'll have to start working out sometime. If only I weren't so lazy.

At the top is a quiz from my psychology class. For the test instead of giving us a study guide he simple told us to look over our quizzes and read the book. I only had 2/3 of my quizzes still, so I had to take this picture of someone else's in my class.

Left over Indian food from the Ganesh Idol Placement. Since it was so spicy I added some cheese and sour cream, but it was still strong. Actually after eating it for a lunch, my stomach hurt. I think its just the kind of thing that you have to get used to.

Last is a picture of Big Hair's cat Indy. She wasn't really that into having her picture taken, but honestly I don't care. She can deal. I have another picture of her face that I might post, but I'm not sure because she's kind of a weird looking cat.
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