Life Photos: School & at a Home

loosing weight the fake way
 If you remember my post about annoying things freshman year you might remember me talking about how I found a new place to sit. Well, on one of those tables was this advertisement for a body wrap. Normally on the tables are different print outs for new classes being offered or out of school activities. This woman decided though that she could put out her wraps that she's selling. This was so shameless or buay paiseh of her. Not to mention those things don't even work.
a spider web in the hood
 When I was outside one day, I noticed this huge spider on a porch. I mean, huge. He (or she) had built a web as least four feet wide and very tall. I have a feeling they're going to catch a lot of bugs, although with a lot of wind I don't know how it'll hold up. 
what to composite
 Here are the scraps from one of my dinners, the green beans and potatoes meal. To make potatoes you have to peel their outer pieces and the green beans have to be snapped off. Both of these things create a lot of waste, even with just three people eating, as you can see. If it wasn't for the fact that we keep our food waste to compost then, it all be going in the trash.
steel pipe chart
 For a beginner engineering class I had to do for homework a steel pipe chart. I figured I could just get it off the internet, but nope I have to do a lot of the calculations myself because its not available online. Already I'm not all that thrilled with this class because its just a bunch of busy work. None of the information builds on itself.
a grey old cat in a cat bed
Last is a picture of Simon the cat hanging out in his bed. He looks really angry, and that's because he his. Its not just me he hates, really the whole world, so I don't feel too bad about his anger. All he does really is hang out in this bed, out in the sun room all day. 
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