Life Photos: Embarrassing, Package,As i School, Hospital

Life photos
Although I'm getting very good at taking photos of all the foods I eat, I'm still lagging behind in the life photos category. A big reason for this is that since I post everyday I use up most of what would be considered my life photos. Another reason, is that I'm a little boring, which is evident by these pictures. The first is Checkers, who you've seen get a bath with a flower on her head. I don't even think she felt it because she didn't even try to remove it.

Next is a picture of my boyfriend, when he actually was a big hair. I was going to make this the main picture, but I doubt he'll be very happy to have this photo in here at all, so I kept it small. Although I think he's much hotter now, see his hair style guide. I did date him at the time this photo was taken, so I can't say too much about his looks.

Then there is a flower pot arrangement outside of the hospital of my mother's friend, she seems to be doing fine right now, but is going to be in the hospital for awhile. Really it must be very boring for her to be cooped up all day with only a television. 

Then there is the bubbly hand sanitizer on my hand. After going to the bathroom at school, I wash my hands with soap and water, dry them off using a hand dryer, and then use the foam hand sanitizer. Best arrangement for washing hands, ever. My purple sparkle nail lacquer and my light purple nail lacquer are barely visible, I think its time for a trim and a new color.

Then there is all the math work that my teacher gave us. Not only did we receive homework but a practice study test, and more practice problems for the upcoming test. I have a feeling doing this is the way to an A, I just wish I had more time.

Then there are some blogger packages that I received in the mail awhile back. I always try and do reviews of products as soon as I get them. Either if they're given to me to blog about or not. Its an addiction.
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