Life Photos: Clean Phone, Present, Cat Food

Cleaning a phone
As it would seem, I've finally changed how I'm doing my life photos. When I first did them, they each had their own frames only three photos per post, then I changed it to five photos and no frames, now its just a collage of photos, six of them, that are all edited together. I just don't think they're all that important to get so much attention.

There is my Body Glove iPhone case getting washed because I've used it since march non stop. This past week I tried using another case, but I hate it, and will get to that in another post, but before I switched back to my purple case, I wanted to get it good and clean. 

Then there is a moldy piece of bread that the Big Hair had at his house. Instead of getting a new piece he decided to simply tear it off. Even when his mother cooks him food, like the noodles beef and potatoes and green beans he still prefers a sandwich. I on the other hand will take any food a lady cooks for  me.

Then there is a present that my father won at his family reunion. Basically they have a surprise auction, meaning you don't know what you're bidding on, for fun. This ended up being coffee but that's okay.

Another picture of simon the cat. I'm not exactly sure why I have so many pictures of him, since he hates me, but YOLO. Here he decided that he wanted some food that was on my plate so I gave it to him thinking we'd be buds afterwards. No such luck.

Then me on my drive to school, when I talked about a bus stoping the highway to get a kid . I'm not exactly sure why I took this picture, but in case you're curious that's how my morning drive looks.

Then there is this extra credit math problem that one of my friends seemed to solve. If this is the right way, his is being checked now, then I'm totally going with it. 1% grade boost.
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