Life Photos: A Butt and No Fun Work

water puddle on concrete
When I got out of the fungus pool to play with simon I sat down on the concrete and was surprised to see that I had made this heart shaped butt print puddle with my wet bathing suit from Abercrombie. I wasn't at all trying to make this shape, or any shape and I don't think I have before so I'm going to blame it on the swim suit. Its a little baggy in the waist, and it does what it wants.
diy shed repair
My father decided to redo one side of the shed, and then put new bricks around all the sides, and I helped him out. Actually I helped enough that I could have made a whole blog post about it, but I didn't think of it until afterwards when I only had one picture.
what I was given
Another one of my blogger packages pictures, although reading over that old post made me realize how much I've changed since writing it. Its amazing what can happen in such a short time! I still like getting stuff, but now I realize how much work I have to put into it so it isn't like I'm getting it free.
sidewalk chalk
Someone at my school, or maybe a few people decided to take it upon themselves to write greetings for a new semester. I haven't played with sidewalk chalk in a long time, but seeing this made me want to.
water damage to books
Last is a picture of all my water damaged things that I blogged about when my math textbooks got wet. As you can see by this picture though it isn't just my books that got wet, but my notebooks and even a folder too.
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