I went to Shipshewana

Last Saturday I went on an all day trip to an Amish city in northern Indiana, Shipshewana.  Since then I've been doing a variety of things from woodworking and visiting my grandparents and then going to a cave. There wasn't any internet at any of the places I went so as you can imagine I've gotten a little behind on my posting. Actually when I first started getting caught up there were over two hundred photos to upload, really bad because I like to do about five photos a post. Of course this isn't a picture of me on my trip, but rather of me spending my Friday afternoon laying in bed and catching up on posts.

When I do a lot of posts at one time, I like to back date them and then do an overview of what I did, so here goes everything. We went on Saturday morning, I would say earlier, but around my house we never get started too early. I slept the whole way there, only waking up when my dad went in a store while my mother and I waited outside because it wasn't of any interest to us. After he was finished we went to the Amish Style Blue Gate Restaurant  and had the family style meal. It wasn't bad, but not really the best thing I've ever had. After that we went to the Shipshewana Furniture Company  where I saw a ton of different Craftsman style furniture pieces that I liked. I was especially excited by the custom cabinets. Already planning for a future home design. Then we walked around and saw flowers and fish and other things at Shipshewana.

It was a little hot during the day so I stopped in a few shops that were, just shops. Lots of decorations but most of them were more country style so no future planning there. We then went to a fabric store Spector's  that ended up having more than just fabric, with an array of Amish style clothing and a few other hand made goods. We then headed into another fabric store that wasn't so interesting and went to the nearby antique shop in Shipshewana. Then we went into one more place before we left, Yoder's Meat and Cheese Shipshewana Grocery. They had so many non processed and hormone free foods that I could just shop there my whole life. 

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