Going to my Dream Girl's Room

a black cat on the stairs
 Now that Big Hair is away at school, I'm now only seeing him on the weekends, because he goes away just far enough for it to be too much of a hassle to really even meet for dinner while he's in college. I do still get an all day thing with him though, which is rather nice. Today I don't really have anything exciting to talk about, I mean no interesting event that we went to or anything, since all we really did was hang out together. This though is fine with me. 

Big hair decided to come and get me at the normal time, 8 am. The problem was though, that I didn't wake up until seven thirty, and about ten minutes after that he texted me saying he was ready. I may not be your typical girl, but I still have things to do in the morning, but since I was excited to see him I let him come anyways, knowing that he'd have to watch me while I did things like fix my hair and brush my teeth. 

Once he came over we went out to get more tampons, and I was going to get a new kind, so that I could review it, but there weren't any. Not any supers at least so I stuck with getting the U by Kotex Super tampons. On a side note, my boyfriend was being a jerk and wouldn't buy me a Dora to release my inner hispanic. The nerve of some people. 

Then we came back to my house but since my mother was asleep we just grabbed my swimsuit and headed to his house. We decided we wanted to go swimming in the pool that did have fungus  but first Big Hair made hot tea. I didn't really like it, but I drank almost all of mine. After swimming around for awhile, which is always a ton of fun we went back inside to do something that I had been promised earlier. Tour his hot sister's room. 

I'm not going to get into details but his sister has been my dream girl since my freshman year of high school. Before I even know my boyfriend existed. So you can imagine how excited I was to get to be seeing her room. On the way up their cat Indy was sitting on the stairs and I took her picture.
And... here it is. Not exactly what I expected. I mean its not really dirty but very messy. Way worse than my room actually. I did however find a few interesting things. Like lots of bras, a perfume that I like the smell of and clothes that I would wear. Best of all she had the computer sims game up on her computer. I LOVE THAT GAME!!! I did discover though that we have very different tastes in jewelry. 

Even with seeing Big Hair's hot sister's messy room, I'm still in love with her. I mean, she's so pretty. I only hope though that he doesn't decide to tell his family about our little adventure. I can't have her thinking bad of me or anything.
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