Fun in the Fungus Pool & Around It

a pool with fungus
 After a long week at school, okay really a long three days at school, I got to spend my Friday with Big Hair since he is going off to school, which starts Monday for him. For the first few hours we really didn't do anything. Just watched a little Super Nanny, a show that might have been made as a population controller, and kind of hung out. Then we headed to his house to swim in the pool. I took along my snorkeling things from Hawaii and decided to wear my new swimsuit from my Abercrombie & Fitch Haul . Since the swimsuit is new, I cut all the tags at his house and also made a stop at the freezer to get a popsicle. Somewhere in between going to Big Hair's house and getting my swimsuit on I lost the hair tie I brought, so I had to borrow one of his sisters, and by borrow I mean take. 

Then we headed to the pool. Taking the pool cover off though we noticed that the water was very cloudy. But, since he got in anyways I had to too. Its not like I could have been all "EWW your pool is sooo gross I'm not going in THERE" . Inside we saw some things that look like dandelions and feathers. At first we though maybe a bird had gotten in but then we saw a hug clump of what looked like white fur. After making Big Hair use my Snorkeling goggles from that Hawaii trip I took, we decided that maybe we should get out of the water. 

Then we saw the drain that looked like it had be clogged up with a lot of fur, and we really thought some poor rabbit had tried to go under the pool cover to escape from something and had drown. I loved in the drain where there was more fuzzy stuff but no body, and Big Hair's mother came out and thought it could be the same thing. Instead of worrying about it herself, she was smart enough to make her man do it when he came home.
Hanna Lei Boyfriend
 Since we really couldn't play in the pool any more, we decided to just play around outside for a little while. Big Hair was going to get his hair cut later in the day so I wanted to play with it one last time before it was gone. He really has the nicest hair ever, its so soft and thick and of course looks really good up. I ended up finding the hair tie that I lost and used it for this.

After some more time just hanging out, we headed to White Castle for lunch. I had two cheeseburgers, and french fries and he had some chicken things and french fries as well. Then it was time for his hair cut. I sat in the waiting area and played an iPhone game that has bulls while he did had his hair cut. I'm not all that sure that I like it but he wanted it short. 
an old cat in the yard
When we came back we watched Lord of the Rings in the basement, not the whole movie, but a good amount of it, and the whole time I made the Big Hair explain to me what was going on. Then we had dinner, where I had what everyone else had earlier, just heated up, and he made himself a peanut butter sandwich. Then we took his cat Simon outside in the yard for the second time that day and went swimming. As it turned out the chlorinator has stopped working and in two days all of this fungus has built up. His father cleaned the pool fixed the machine and turned out the fountains so we went swimming.

I had a ton of fun playing in the water with the fountain things, really screwing with their water pressure, and using my snorkeling equipment.  Although I tried to keep my boyfriend in the pool with me, he wasn't having it and we got out because it was "too cold". Afterwards we headed to my house, had some Burger King Ice cream and watched some movie. 

Although we didn't really do anything today, hanging out with Big hair at both his house and mine was a lot of fun. If you remember, just last week I was talking about How many mistakes you can make in a relationship, and it turns out I haven't made any.
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