Freshman Year: Went to all my Classes

pink shaved Ice
So just like I had to yesterday for my Chemistry class, I had to be at school for a 9 am class. I got there around eight and made flash cards of the periodic table. Since I didn't need very much information, I broke down the cards into for pieces and and wrote small. After I was done I asked some woman sitting next to me for a rubber band, and she gave me a hair tie which was close enough. Its a good thing she was kind, because I'm sure I would have had them scattered all around my backpack without her help.

Going into my first class, we had a new teacher. He seems okay, but for some reason I think he might be teaching us the wrong thing, the information we learned in the class before. Oh well, easy A for me then. After that I a big break so I got some Cheetos, and read a textbook, after that I got a hotdog from the Student Government Association. Then, I went to class  one that had only one other lady and had a much shorter break for the next one, Engineering Calculus. 

About ten minutes before class I realized I didn't have a book, so I had to rush out to my car to get one even though a friend offered to share theirs with me. Worst part, I didn't even need it. I'm pretty sure this Calculus class is going to be VERY hard but at least I'll be entertained by the teacher. First, he looks like an ugly woman (or a feminine man) and even has the hips to go with it, and also a slight stutter. Best of all though he has this choking laugh, that he does all that time at his own jokes, which no one else understands. And although he is an extremely smart man, he has the hardest time with the technology, and that makes me feel good about myself. 

Although I got a hot dog for lunch from the SGA because it was the first week back at school, I expected everything to be packed up and gone by the time I went out there again at 6:00 but it wasn't so I got myself a snow cone in pink lemonade flavor. On a side note: you can see by the picture my Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings Nail Lacquer and my Battle of the Sexes Glitter Nail Polish have been holding up quite well together.  I ended up eating the snow cone in the car while I was driving home, which may not have been the best idea ever due to the fact I don't know how to drive but oh well.

Once I got home, I did a little school work and tried to teach Elizabeth the African Grey the periodic table. When I asked her what things were, I either got a clicking sound, or no response at all, so I'm thinking she won't grow up to become a scientist. Tomorrow I have a day off, to do school work study and maybe even have a little fun.
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