Freshman Year Has Matured Me

Hide your face Hanna
 This first photo is actually a picture of me from High school . This seems like it was so long ago, but actually it was only a year ago. I've changed so much since then though. My senior year at lunch I didn't want my picture taken on my own phone. Since then, I think in part because of my boyfriend's constant need to take pictures I've just gotten used to my picture being taken, and I've had a lot more self confidence. 

Even though being less afraid of photos is nice, it isn't the main way that I've changed. I feel like more of an adult now. It took me so long to even get my license, I was so afraid of driving that I didn't go anywhere when I did get it. Now though I drive myself to school, getting their earlier every morning and already have enough credits to be considered a Sophomore (hence the title) when my high school peers are just now entering their freshman year. A little while back, I even sold my textbooks back to the book store, something I never would have done in high school due to my shy behavior. 
ivy tech high school credit
 Just the other day I managed to take my Ivy Tech high school credit to my college, get a parking pass and pick up books I bought from the Barnes & Noble school book store.  I drove there all by myself in heavy lunch time traffic parked and went up to the front desk. Then to the bursars office and to the book store. None of this was any problem. I wasn't nervous, or worried about what would happen, I just went to do it. 

Last year at this time I would have about had a heart attack from doing something like this because of the fear and nervousness. Its amazing how less than a year can change you so much. I wonder if these changes are simply because I made the transition to college or, if I'm going to keep improving, and growing up at such a quick pace.
book bag for barnes & noble

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