Food Photos: New Tint Half Healthy Home

healthy food photos
As you can see I've decided on a new look, at least color wise for my everyday food photos. I've also started titling them food photos, which I don't know why I haven't done yet. Not only is it a little shorter  but I think it gives a better idea of what the post is about. I'm still doing the post tag as everyday food. The first food photo I have for the new look is a Bacon lettuce tomato sandwich, this one wasn't as good as my last BLT sandwich though. I don't like over cooked bacon so it ended up not getting cooked enough, and just tasted like fat.

The hamburger and cinnamon roll from burger king are the next things on my list. When I went with my mother and boyfriend around we ate at burger king. Since it was an off time service was slow but the food was fine, and the service was good. After eating my whopper jr. I had a cinnamon roll. Although I wouldn't say its as good as the original I am saying I'd eat it pretty frequently.

Another vending machine find, or at least I think it was. I love Hersey's chocolate, and I couldn't resist milk chocolate with almonds. Eating things like this might be part of the reason my nexplanon that was taken out made me gain 20 lbs. Maybe.

Then is breakfast that my father made for me, my mother, and the Big Hair. I was so proud of the Big Hair for even trying to eat a little bit of the cheese omelet.  I'm not the biggest egg fan but with either ketchup or hot sauce, its a lot better.

The last food on my list, a dinner I had is half healthy and half not. The chicken is breaded and prepackaged so probably not that great for me. I did have potatoes and green means with it, which seems to be a pretty common food for me lately. Must be that time of year. I even did a blog post with a similar meal Green Beans Potatoes and Beef.
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