Fashion Heart Sunglasses

Hanna Marie Lei
I have to admit, I'm normally not one to take a whole lot of risks, but when I saw these Oasap sunglasses on sale for $10 I knew I had to get them. You see I get a certain amount of credits each month and it really is hard to decide what to get, but for these it was an instant yes. I've been into sunglasses for awhile, featuring them in a few different outfit posts, like my Bohemian Floral Print Sunglasses and my huge white sunglasses, both of which came from Oasap as well in case you're interested in buying, and I love them.

Until recently I wasn't into wearing sunglasses but since I started driving they've been a must. Since I have large light sensitive eyes, driving even when the sun isn't super bright can be kind of a chore. With the shade sunglasses provide though I don't have to squint, which is much safer. Not to mention that sunglasses or sunnies as some people like to refer to them actually protect your eyes, and help you from getting those pesky crow's feet wrinkles. 

Since I do have big eyes, as I mentioned before, I was a little worried about the fit of these sunglasses since I've had issues with sunglasses being too small before, but these were big enough for me. These are going to be my go to glasses starting now.

Interested in buying your own Heart Shaped Sunnies? Click HERE, they have four different colors to pick from.  or if you want you can get your own fashion finds from OASAP.COM Shipping is always free, and your first order is 20% off. Oh and they have a huge 50% of sale going on for select items.

Sunglasses on Girl Heart Shaped

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