Everyday Food: White Castle and VoxBox

food from the voxbox
If you remember, I did a food post about going to Wendy's and eating German food and titled it as such. Well if you look at the post, you can clearly see that those were only three of my pictures and this time I did the exact same thing. Food that I got from White Castle and my Good Life Vox box only consisted of three of the pictures, out of six. That's because most of what I eat really is at home, and I can't always have posts like "mostly at home" or "cooked my mom" for all of my everyday food posts.

First up is White Castle that I ate the day I swam in the fungus pool. Originally I wanted Taco Bell, but Big Hair wasn't having any of that. He really is a terrible eater. After realizing that I don't like Taco bell that much we went for something we both like, White Castle. I always get two little cheese burgers and fries, while the boy ended up getting some chicken thing I didn't even know white castle served.

Then came three meals at home. The top right is the traditional Saturday night pizza. Its kind of an unspoken rule at my house that after all day running around or working outside that we're going to have some type of pizza, either frozen or from a pizza shop.

Up next is Mexican night! Not super mexican food though. Simple burritos filled with refried beans tomatoes and rice with the optional cheese that can also be on top. I tend to add both taco and hot sauce to mine as well as sour cream.

Then BBQ turkey, mashed potatoes, and green peppers. The turkey was a little dry, but still good, and the green peppers were nice with the ranch dressing I decided to add. My favorite though was the mashed potatoes. Even though they were very much mashed, still very good.

Then comes the things from my Vox box, both of which I had as an in between classes snack. The first one I ate was the Zone Perfect Nutritional Bar first when I was getting hungry, but didn't want to make my way to the cafeteria yet. It was very good, although a little dry so I had to find a water fountain afterwards.

The last photo in this post Nonni's THINaddictive cookies, that I had right before math class, which is the last one of the day and right before I eat dinner. They are so good. I mean really all the cranberries and almonds that are inside made me wish I had a whole bag full of them.
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