Everyday Food: Vending German TV

Home made vending machine food
Yet another food post. First up is a Nutty Bar, which is wafers with peanut butter that I got from the vending machine just like those salami sticks from the vending machine except these peanut butter Nutty Bar chocolate things were so much better. The only problem was that they were such a mess. There were crumbs all over the chair, and chocolate marks on my hands.

Then there was a heath bar that I had right before my dream girl's engagement . I'd never had a heath bar before so I didn't know what to think of it. Honestly it isn't that great of a chocolate bar. It has this weird toffee stuff on the inside. I did have a teacher with the name heath and he was cool.

For dinner at my house was noodles chicken corn and sweet potatoes, as well as a biscuit. I thought I had done something about a meal similar to this, but I guess not. It's just a left over meal, but it tastes pretty good. It doesn't last long though because all the ingredients are old.

Then I had cooked apples that came from a tree in my yard. They were so good. Much better than the cooked apples at the Mammoth Cave Travertine Restaurant . Well those were old bad because they still had the peel, it still counts though!

Then there was the traditional german food. Sour Kraut, potatoes, and sausage. I love any kind of potatoes, and the sausage was good, but even with all my experience its always hit or miss with the sour kraut. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I really don't.

When I was getting ready for my dream girl's engagement I ate a television or TV dinner. It was chicken fingers, mac and cheese and brownies. I'm always surprised at how good these things taste. Especially since they have to sit in the freezer for so long and all get cooked together, in a microwave no less.
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