Everyday food: Two Breads I made

food that I eat everyday
I've been getting better about taking pictures of all the foods I eat, and actually haven't skipped out on taking any pictures of my dinners this past week. All of the things I've eaten for this post were at home, but I made two of them! I'm not at all at the house wife level yet, but I'd like to think my skills are getting there. Who knows in a few months maybe all the food on my everyday food posts will be cooked by me.

First up, the biggest picture and my favorite out of all of these is the noodle with turkey bbq, the same turkey bbq in an earlier food post. It tasted a whole lot better this time around, and the spinach with it was great too. I've been needing more iron in my diet thanks to my nexplanon and never ending period. Its a good thing I like spinach now, or getting the nutrients I need would be such a chore.

Next is a mellon from my grandparents garden that was pretty good. I'm always suspicious of these kind of melons, I mean it is yellow. Really though it tasted like any other watermelon.

Then is another noodle meal, this one featuring beef instead of turkey. Its a hamburger helper, one of my favorite boxed meals, but I must admit that I have more than a few favorites. I also had a piece of buttered bread, and although it wasn't healthy it was a great meal.

Then there is the homemade white bread that I made for someone else. I did get to have quite a bit of it though, so you're going to be seeing it one more everyday meal post. I love making the bread myself because its much firmer, more european like. I hate how mushy american bread is.

Then there is the banana nut bread I made. I love the combination of crunchy and moist so of course I loved this. Since I was using old banana I even felt like I was accomplishing something. 

Last is green beans mixed with potatoes and a hotdog. My mother made the green beans and potatoes and my father made the hotdogs. This is one of his favorite food, and really one of the only things he knows how to make.
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