Everyday Food: Snacks and One Meal

food for Hanna
The last time I did an everyday food post I accidentally deleted four of my photos. All that work of taking them, and then simply deleting them on accident. The first up on this list is a chicken chef salad featuring mandarin oranges. Although I always talk about not being a fan of salads, I loved this one so much. It really makes me want another one.

Then at the boyfriend's house I had Cheetos. I kind of liked them, but I don't think they were wrapped up all that well by the last eater because they weren't quite the right texture. I think I prefer my White Cheddar Puff Cheetos of which I bought two new bags.

Burgar King Ice cream that I believe is 69 cents pretty good since there is so much on the cone. So if you're getting a vanilla cone I'd go to burger king because they all taste the same. I do love waffle cones though and those aren't available at the fast food restaurants.

Then there was a snow cone from school. I'm not sure exactly why they had these available, some activity day. I didn't participate in any of the "fun" things. I just wanted my free snow cone.

At the vending machine, maybe I should do a full everyday food post just on things that I get myself from the vending machines. Everyday is a chance to try a new one of there foods. I wasn't too happy with these chocolate cake things they were filled with icing and too sweet. Kind of like a bad version of the Cookies and Cream Cupcakes I made

I went to Culver's, maybe the meal will be in the next everyday food post, and had an ice cream sunday with my meal. It was a little too thick for me to eat all of it, but at least I tried. I really liked all the nuts that it had on it.
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