Everyday Food: Cake, Vending, Fast and Home

I've been getting so good at remembering to do my everyday food posts, that they're having less and less time in between them, I feel like such a pro food I eat kind of blogger now. For this post I did something that I used to do a lot, added a black frame. I'm not sure why exactly I stopped but for some posts it really does look a lot nicer than a clear one.  My food this time still had a lot of ate home food, but also something from school, something fast food and something at my boyfriend's house.

First up on the list is that nice looking ice cream cake. When I went over to my boyfriend's house, the day I explored my dream girl's room  they had left over ice cream cake in the freezer. I can't remember exactly why the bought it, but I'm pretty sure it was simply a whim from the day before. It was an Oreo chocolate thing, and tasted really good, I was surprised that big hair ate some.

At the bottom is another chili and fries from Wendy's fast food restaurant.  This is what I get almost every time I go, because its so good. I mean if there is already something that you like really well, then why branch out? When we went though the Big Hair had to get the order fixed because they gave him the wrong burger and no fries. They got mine right though.

Then there were the salami beef sticks that I ate for a snack when I had the great day at school. These didn't really contribute to the great day, they weren't bad by any means, but I think I prefer my slim jims over these. I also had a bag of sun chips that day.

Then there is the buttered bread, a piece of the home made white bread, along with some noodles and meat, chicken I think, that I had for dinner one day. I love this bread, I mean really and the mean was very good over all.

Then there is pizza that I had on Sunday instead of Saturday thanks to labor day and the free Monday. It wasn't anything special, but still pretty good I think. My mother put green peppers on it, and I added the ranch. Its the first time I've used ranch on pizza in awhile.

Then there was the burrito enchilada hybrid that I had for dinner. Everyone is so picky about how they like theirs done that I ended up eating way before everyone because I would have been starved and had cold food by the time they were ready. On the side I had brown rice and cheese.
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