Everyday Food: All of my Meals

food that I eat
It seems I'm getting a little better at remembering to take these everyday food photos. I'm still not taking them for every meal, but its getting pretty close. To start with, I had another 49 cent burger king ice cream. This time though I managed to take the picture before I started eating it, actually on the way home from the drive through. As you can see my purple nail polish and purple and blue sparkle polish is still going strong.

Next is dinner that I had at my boyfriend's house. Fresh green beans and potatoes, with beef and noodles as well. His mother made it, and it tasted pretty good, my mother makes a meal very similar to this. Big Hair though decided to have a peanut butter sandwich instead.

Next is a pretty salad I had. Since it was all fresh garden things and had a few extras it wasn't as bad as the salads I hate so much. Then in the morning were biscuits that had bother normal butter and apple butter. I think this is one of the only times I've eaten breakfast.

The last picture is of that veggie burger that I had the day that my math books got wet. Its a good thing that other than that I had such a good day because otherwise the almost ruined text books and cold lunch could have ruined my day!
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