Everyday Food: 2 TV 2 Sweets and 2 Home

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Its been awhile, since I've been uber busy lately, but I'm finally getting around to doing another everyday food post. My last one was about food made by my mom. Actually I'm quite behind on these because although I haven't been posting, I've been taking a ton of photos. First up on the list is a microwavable TV dinner. Since I'm too lazy to make myself something everyday for lunch this is the kind of thing I eat. I loved this one with the pasta shrimp and broccoli. So good.

Then there was my next TV dinner for lunch that had chicken nuggets, corn, and mac and cheese. It wasn't quite as good as the other one, but for a fast meal at home you can't beat it. Actually I think it may have just needed a little more cook time. An improvement from when I just made myself a whole box of macaroni and cheese. 

Then pork, I think I'm actually terrible at knowing which kind of meat is which based on site, corn on the cob and more broccoli.  This was left over corn from when I did the cooking and freezing corn post and it was so good. Of course it didn't hurt that I added a lot of butter to it.

At the top is two candies I took at my grandparents house. Whenever I go there I always eat so much of it, that I'm sure I gain 5 lbs a visit. Some how though they have it sitting around them all day every day and live through the temptation. More for me I guess.

A cheese danish from the school vending machine. It wasn't bad, but really I don't at all like the cheese on the inside. I mean it ruined the sweetness. I think I'd prefer cherry, but I never see that in their vending machine, so I guess someone likes this kind.

Last is a stir fry that was a dinner at my house. It was easy to make, coming in one of those package things, and parts of it tasted really good, but they added something weird. Pineapple. It made the whole thing way to sweet, plus it was mushy.
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