Everyday Food: 2 Fast Food Burgers

everyday food
The first thing on this list, and the biggest picture is of another salad, just like my chicken and orange chef salad, but this one is a side salad.  On it are tomatoes from my grandparents garden as well as green pepper and lettuce. On it I put quite a large amount of an oil dressing. The only thing I think it could have used is a light type of cheese, maybe a grated cheese from yoders meat and cheese shop, that I way I stick with the all natural and healthy feel. 

On the top right and the bottom left is what I had at Mcdonalds with my mother and Big Hair after going to his school concert. When we went service was so terrible. Not only were we standing there for ever but the food took forever to finish after they finally took our order. Then they forgot one of our fries and seemed angry when we asked about it. The food though was still good, and I had a pumpkin pie, and took home an apple one for breakfast the next day. 

Next down is a mini cereal that I had in my car right before I took my nap. It gave me a break from my normal vending machine visit, and after a boring first class that nap is really needed. Driving an SUV does have a few good things about it.

Then there was my Culver's hamburger, that was absent from the food post that contained the sunday ice cream from Culver's. I haven't really been a fan of Culver's but my burger, although simple was very good. I loved that they added a tomato to it.

Last are the cookies that I got from the vending machine for $1.10 I think if I started bringing my own snacks all the time I could save a lot of money. Its so convenient though, and the cookies were very good.
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