Eating at Olive Garden

Italian style salad
 After working really hard and passing my summer math class we went to Olive Garden as part of my reward (the rest is coming up soon). I went there on a visit to Lake Michigan in June and really liked it so that's where I decided I'd like to go. There were some very close seconds though, and with the menu change, I kind of wish I would have picked one of them... Pulling in the parking lot we were afraid there would be a huge wait line, cars were everywhere. Since the place is quite large there were plenty of seats though, and I have to say it is fairly nice looking on the inside. The tables are a nice shiny wood, and the decorations look kind of classy. 

When I looked at the menu though I noticed the change they had an unlimited everything now but no dessert and only very basic pastas were included. Before it was only unlimited breadsticks and salad, then one plate of pasta and one dessert. The salad and pasta were quite good though. The wait for food was kind of long though and I ended up eating way more of that than I should have.
Unlimited at Olive Garden
 Then my pasta came. Like I said it is VERY basic. So basic in fact that I wonder if its even worth going out to eat for. At $10 for everything though it still isn't a bad price. I didn't eat very much of it, mostly because the fact that I was already filled up but also because it was just boring. Also they really need to work on their dividers because the table in back of ours was two drunk people and they were so loud. It was funny though hearing their over done stories.
I do have to say though that our waitress was quite nice, just like at the Blue Gate Restaurant, but going to Olive Garden was much nicer than that. The restaurant looks nice, the price is good, and the food isn't bad, I just wish they hadn't have changed their menu. Honestly I would have paid extra fro the old meal to be there instead. Eating all that unlimited is too much food anyways.
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