Chemistry Day One Done, December Please Come

Hanna Marie Lei
I had my first day back at school today. I've been asked how it went, how I think I'll do, if my classes are hard, and to tell the truth I don't know yet. I've only been to one class. Tomorrow though is the big day, three classes (one of which as quite hard) and I'll be there from 9am to 6pm. I already know this is going to be horrible because I had a similar schedule last year. There's just so much in between time that I got bored of doing my school work but it wasn't enough time that I could go home and come back, especially since I'm not the best driver ever. 

Here's how it went though. I got up, around 6:30, took a quick shower, skipped the Definition Series Flat Iron as you can tell by the super curly hair, put on some LA colors liquid black eyeliner and got dressed. Last night I had set all my clothes out and got my book ready to go so when I went downstairs, my only job was to eat a bowl of cereal. At my house there is currently this cinnamon cereal that I like, but when that runs out I may stop this whole breakfast thing. Then, I put on my shoes and headed out the door with the same backpack I used last semester

Since I hadn't driven for two weeks, I have to admit, that I didn't do a very good job. I didn't get in any wrecks, but if anyone I knew saw my road skills I'd be pretty embarrassed. I did make it safely to school, with an hour to spare (I like being early) and sat at a comfy chair. When we went into class, I was so glad to be early because due to a lack of seats we ended up moving to the lecture hall, a few people who weren't as early didn't get the heads up about the move so awkwardly about 15 minutes after class started they came in.

During my class, which was Chemistry, we went over what was expected from the class, when we would be doing things, and such. Afterwards I came to the conclusion that my teacher is very nice, but the class is going to be pretty hard. When I came home, after a three hour nap I didn't mean to take, I got started reading my chapter which took me about three hours, and picked up my Wool Applique Bird Pillow from the state fair. I hate so much going up there, the traffic is bad, and the area isn't all that safe but it had to be done I guess. 
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