Brown County State Park With Big Hair

At least one day a week I have a long day with Big Hair. We get up early in the morning to see each other and I don't let him leave until past midnight. On Saturday, I went to Brown Country State park with my boyfriend. While we were going to the store to get more U by Kotex Click Tampons we were trying to figure out what to do for the day. I said I wanted to go to a park, meaning a playground, but we ended up deciding to go to a state park instead. We weren't at all dressed correctly, both wearing jeans on a hot day, and terrible footwear, but we ended up having a lot of fun anyways.

Brown County State Park Trail
Stairs to a Cabin
Ogden Lake
Trail at Brown County state park
Getting in was only $5 a car, making this a very cheap date activity and once we got in we (he) drove around a little bit. The first few trails we saw seemed pretty crowded, being a summer saturday and all, but as we drove a little rather in they got less so. Our first stop was at the cabin thing, where you had to climb a ton of stairs and then go to the second floor of the cabin. The view was very pretty and there were even picnic tables. It reminded me a little of my trip to the Tippecanoe Battlefield.

A little more driving and we found a place we wanted to stop, Ogden Lake. Originally we decided that we weren't going to go very far in, due to our attire, but we changed our mind after we saw the trail. Its almost all covered by trees and is a completely dirt path except for concrete and wood stairs in certain areas. There are also a few bridges that were super cute and some board walks. The whole trail was only 1.2 miles but it took forever to do part of that though was that we would stop at all the benches along the way, of which there were plenty. That first picture is at one of those benches, very near the end of the trail so if you were thinking that I looked bad, I have an excuse.
Hanna Marie Lei
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the Brown County State Park is. Its less than an hour away, and really could be an all day activity for someone. They have tons of benches, restrooms, picnic tables, and grills to use and at $5 a car its probably one of the cheapest activities to do. Places like Brown County State Park, as well as the Heritage Trail in Northern Indiana make me not mind paying taxes quite as much. I mean I still hate it but at least we have nice services. 
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